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Goals and Philosophy


The idea of testing or therapy may feel daunting, new and unclear to many. Children, families and individuals often do not know what to expect or what gains might be achieved through these services. Our goal is to help people feel comfortable enough to make use of these services, which can provide great insight, understanding and improvement in individual and family functioning and happiness. We welcome inquiries and questions about these services, even if you are not sure that neuropsychological, academic and/or psychological testing is right for you or your child. We also offer detailed explanations of each type of testing under "testing services" and "frequently asked questions" and a clear layout of the process to help clarify what occurs during an assessment, under "the assessment process: what to expect."

While many are new to this type of service and intervention, for many of the individuals and families that we see, this is not their first experience with an evaluation; they have often had experiences, which they feel have not provided them with a clear understanding of their children or support in gaining the services required for their children. Many are feeling confused and overwhelmed. We work to create a new experience with  evaluation services, establishing a safe and supportive relationship and allowing individuals to understand their children’s (or their own) needs in new and more helpful ways. For many of the individuals and families that we see, the evaluation process becomes a therapeutic experience for them; the relationship that we are able to form with them allows progress and understanding in ways that they have not previously experienced. This is true for both parents and children, many of whom arrive anxious, confused, unsure, apprehensive and guarded. However, through a careful, therapeutic and well informed approach and a calm, safe and supportive atmosphere, individuals begin to feel able to open up and share themselves in ways that allows us to truly understand and help them.